How to: add students

You can add students in several ways:


Importing the data from a CSV or XLS/XLSX file. For more details here.
Copying the students you have in another class. For more details here.
If you would like to add all the students from another class, then go to Add Students > Other classes > Select the class.
Add students
From a Word, PDF, Notes, Pages or any Text document, by using the Copy/Paste function in only one step.
Watch the video below.
Using a template created by another user. When you import it to your iDoceo you import all the data that was saved in that template, including the students. For more details here.
From Google Classroom. Once you have linked your class in iDoceo with your Google Classroom, you will be able to import the students you have there. Go to Add Student > Google Classroom > Select the Google Classroom Class
For the details on how to link a class in iDoceo with Google classroom click here.
Google Classroom
Google classroom


In the student's heading > Select the + (Add student) > Student.
Añadir estudiante