Grade book

    A unique grade book without limits: add columns, tabs, calculations, icons, colors, annotations, files and much more!

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    Planner, Diary, Schedule

    A diary per class to keep track of your progress and a week/day planner for an overview of all your classes.

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    Seating plan

    Up to 5 seating plans per class, configurable backgrounds, random picker, take attendance, edit your grade book data and more ...
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    Resources and bulletin boards

    Add files, images, video and photos to your grade book, diary or students.
    Organize them visually in a bulletin board.
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    Send personalized reports and resources to your students by e-mail

    Send customized reports and resources to your students, by group or individually, including files, links and annotations.
    Improve your communication with parents with feedback on their child's progress.
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