iDoceo 9 is here

Our best version yet
All the features you love, brought to another level

Unlimited diary sections

Create unlimited sections in your diary, different templates can be assigned on each class. Review attendance, gradebook data,text notes. All in one place

Stunning Content Editor

Revamped text editor with check lists, bullet points, images, resources live links, YouTube videos, handwritten text and more. Your content will never look the same.

chatGPT and Dall-E integration

Create and improve content on your lesson plans, easily add engaging illustrations to any text. 
Add them as a resource in the diary or in any other section in iDoceo

New home screen

A quick overview of all your classes. A live summary of attendance, birthdays and due dates

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Organize your classes in folders, keep your old ones hidden and focus on what's important

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Bulletin boards and notepads

Create independent bulletin boards and notepads not linked to any class or gradebook

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The ultimate gradebook

Type your grades, scores, dictate them or even write them with Apple Pencil directly on screen.

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Easily add weighted averages, totals, categories and customise the look and feel of your gradebook in no time

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Tags, folders

Configure your gradebook with different tabs, tags, categories or a combination of them all

Real AI integration

We've all seen the astonishing demos of extravagant use cases but this will actually make your job easier
iDoceo and chatGPT

Enrich your lesson plans

Create different assistants focussed on different styles of content, age groups or anecdotes.
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iDoceo and chatGPT

Meaningful Rubrics in seconds

Fill all those feedback cells in seconds with meaningful variations and information regarding any subject
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iDoceo and chatGPT

iDoceo Connect assessments

Create unlimited multiple choice questions in seconds, on any topic and include automatically all those false answers that take so much time to fill
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iDoceo and chatGPT

Images worth a thousand words

But type just a few!
An assistant to further illustrate scenes, add context or anything you can think of
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Planner and diary sections

Customisable sections per session with templates or manual configurations.

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Customisable tags to add to your lessons
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Rich content

Clickable links, videos, lists, handwritten notes, headers and all the power of iDoceo's resources embedded in your lessons

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Attendance summary

Easily take attendance or check attendance data while on the diary view.
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Classroom objects

Choose from a wide selection of classroom objects, add shortcuts to other sections of your class, the bulletin board, gradebook, etc.
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PDF designer

Easily create PDF and daily reports that stand out.
Configurable sections, clickable links, gradebook graphs, attendance and anything you can think of. 

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Send your PDF reports to students: all, absent or present so that they are kept up to date on lesson content

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Live clickable links to Youtube videos, Wikipedia articles or other internet references

Seating plan layouts

Add desks, chairs, classroom objects and shortcuts that react and move along your students

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Draw annotations

Keep track of important information right on the seating plan with Apple Pencil
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Desks and chairs

A wide arrange of desks and chairs to choose from
Assign students to their desk. Drag desks around or share layouts between classes

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8x plans per class

Manage all the features of your class from the seating plan view
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Classroom objects

A wide selection of classroom objects and shortcuts that will bring the gradebook, bulletin board and other sections of the app on screen

Improved integrations


Google Classroom





And more

These are the main new features in iDoceo 9 but there's more.
If you are an advanced user and would like to know about more specific additions, this advanced section is for you.