Quick start

Up and running

Start by creating manually, or importing (See how to here), classes in the classes list.
The organization in iDoceo is based in Classes. Each class has its own students list, diary, bulletin board, seating plan, resource manager, etc.
The schedule is configured with the classes, ordered by time. This configuration reflects in the diary and planner view
The planner view will show all data inserted in each class' diary.
Every element in iDoceo (i.e. student,class,cell,column,diary) may contain resources of any kind: audio,files,video,images,etc.

Create a class manually

From the list of classes, tap on 20  the blue button located in the lower right corner. Several options will appear, select the first option named Class.
Next images show in detail how to proceed. Once in the third image click on the small X option (upper right corner) to end.
Start to create the Class
Fill in the name and description
Tap on the x to save the class, otherwise the operation is aborted
Select an icon for your class
  • Further options : Tap on the  three points add the end of the Class line and you will be able to View, Edit, Import Data, Erase the Class, Hide it , Duplicate or even Share the class .
Tap in tools to import data
With a Tap on the option Edit, you get access to the Data of your Class and change the name or other also you get access to  the Tab "Tools" , (Left Image ) and the Tab "Links"  (Right Image).
In those tabs you have additional features for your class.
To integrate with Google Classroom

Fill the Class with content

Your class is exists but is empty, you have to fill it with columns where you will assign the grades or points and also of course you need to fill it with students.

Configure your class with a template:
When you tap on an empty class (just created) of your list, a set of templates will be shown you can choose one of its or a Blank GradeBook.  Once you use a template to fill your class you can tailor it at will.

Configure your class with columns Manually:   
You can add your columns and folders manually to add columns Manually Tap on the Add symbol at the upper right end of the Gradebook.
Choose the Blank template and you can start adding columns.
The basic column types are: Input columns , Calculations , Folders and Attendance columns.
Fill your Class with a template
Add columns Manually
Tabs: can be used to store different terms of the class, or to keep attendance not mixed with grades etc. Tap on the right plus button to add a tab.

Read more about  columns and tabs:
Explained here in detail : The basics: classes, tabs, columns and cells

Columns and new tabs can be added any time. A class' or tab's structure can be easily copied to other classes with a tap&hold on a tab
If you have not imported them yet from a CSV/XLS file, these are the available options:
  1. Add the student Manually.
  2. Import from Google Classroom.
  3. Import from other classes.
  4. Paste from pasteboard.
A Tap&hold on a cell, student, class, column or tab will always show additional options to copy,delete,move,etc.

All set! You'll find more options explained here in the manual