The basics of the diary

What is it

The diary, linked to each class, will let you:
  • add annotations
  • add resources (files,audio,images, video, etc)
  • add icons
  • bump your lessons forward/back or n-days
  • copy your lessons to other classes
  • show/add/edit calendar events
  • send by e-mail annotation&resources of a single day to all your student
  • create reports in PDF or TXT

The week view: configuring which days to show

The 'simple week configuration' will let you enable a specific combination of days and all your weeks will be the same.
The recommended setting is 'depends on the calendar' it will use the configuration of each week in your calendar.

The single day view

The time line view

This is another interesting view of the diary with useful tools to bump classes forward or backard

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