Managing Features with Managed App Configuration

Use mobile device management (MDM) software to disable certain iDoceo features.



What is managed app configuration?

MDM servers can send XML files that configure apps to managed devices. An app's developer must add support for reading these files. Once a config file is received by a device, iOS notifies the app that its settings have changed, and the app changes accordingly. To learn more, see this guide from Apple. Before moving forward, please read this guide on how to manage licenses safely.

What features can I disable?

These will affect the kind of resources that can be attached to iDoceo (paper clip icon)

    • Audio Recording Allowed
    • Photo Library Allowed
    • Camera Allowed
    • Cloud Links Allowed

If set to true, the user will see a warning every time a class' section is open suggesting to configure a PIN in iDoceo (available in iDoceo 8.2.6 or superior)

  • Require PIN Configuration

This will remove the synchronization options completely

    • Synchronization Allowed

This will remove all/some backup options

    • Backups Allowed
    • Dropbox Backups Allowed
    • One Drive Backups Allowed

This Google link also affects iDoceo Connect and YouTube availability

  • Google Backups Allowed
  • WebDAV Backups Allowed

What is the default setting for all these options?

By default, all these options are allowed (set to TRUE). An empty file will have no effect on the available features in iDoceo

I need to disable a feature not shown above

Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining what you need and we will try to add it in our next update

Additional options, populating configurations

If you'd like users to find a preset configuration in either the Timelines, the Periods or the Holidays, you can do so by adding a special key called array.

These are the available special fields:

  • Period Names
  • Holidays
  • Timelines

Configuring Timelines

<array> <string>10:00</string>
<string>17:00</string> </array>

Configuring Period Names

<key>Period Names</key> 
<string>Period 1</string>
<string>Period 2</string>

Configuring Holidays

The date format is YY/MM/DD

<string>22/07/04</string> </array>

How do I make a configuration file?

Configuration files are XML dictionaries that contain specific keys and values defined by an app's developer. iDoceo configuration files can be used like so:
To disable access to creating audio recordings, add an entry in the plist name "Audio Recording Allowed" and set the feature's value to "false". For steps on sending a configuration file to managed devices, please see your MDM software's documentation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
  <key>Audio Recording Allowed</key>

Can these options be enabled back on by the user?

No. These settings do not depend on the user and they disappear from the app.

Does iDoceo take this configuration "on the fly" while running?

Not at the moment, the app has to be restarted for this setting to be taken into account