What is an Editor. Different ways to input marks, scores, grades and icons

What is an editor in iDoceo

The editor defines what you'll see upon a double tap on a cell.
It decides how you will work with that particular column and how you will input information.
The editor has no effect in the grade book calculations.

In addition to the editor you choose, you will always be able to open the Text/Icons editor with a tap and hold on cell
Changing the column's editor will never modify its contents.

  • Automatic cell editor The automatic cell editor adjust itself to the grade type of each column.
    This is the default editor and the recommended one. See below how it works:

  • Text: A simple text editor with 4 lines on sight. If you are typing the same observations over and over, you should consider using the textDrop tool instead. For long texts, using annotations may be more appropriate
  • Custom editors: Will let you choose from a selection of icons, explained here 
  • Text with icons : You'll be able to insert text plus a selection of four icons. This editor is always available with a tap&hold on a cell

  • Grade Selector: Will let you choose from a list of grades. Its content is based on the selected Grade Type. In our image the grade type is set to 'From A to F' but it will work with numbers as well.
  • Numeric keypad : A specific keypad for numbers. Direct access to icons (star button) and annotations (bubble button) as well


  • Timer Cronometer:This editor allows to take crono times in real time , the cronos can be operated individualy for each student
  • Quick Attendance check: Will toggle between a green check a red cross with a double tap.  Late icon available with a tap&hold. The details explained here Taking attendance


  • Yes/No 
  • Counters: Adds +1 or -1 on double tap .  With tap&hold you can add the reverse -1 or +1
  • Quick counter. Easily add 1 or -1

  • Color Selector: This editor allows to select a color for each cell, cells can containt text or just be empty

  • More about editors : 

    The button Direction allows to select in what direction the editor box will move to the next cell, the button Annotations allows to add annotations in each cell


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