Change the students sort order

The position of your students in the grade book is shared across tabs.
You can either change a student's position manually or automatically: Alphabetically, by name or by a column (i.e. ranking)

Automatically changing the position of your students

To sort automatically, tap on Options (students header) > sort

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You can now select your desired sort method: by Surname first, by Name first , by grade on column , sort within groups etc.

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ONLY for users with data in old versions,Legacy mode will appear if some students or all of them has an empty surname.

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What does the 'Group' setting mean

Students in a class may be assigned to a group (details here)
The 'Sort by group first' setting will take this group into account when sorting so that all students from the same group are kept together and then sorted.

Here an example:
The first image on the left shows a list of students that has been sorted with the 'Sort by group first' setting disabled.
The image on the right, shows the same list, but with 'Sort by group first' setting enabled.
The group to which they belong is shown below each student.

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Manually changing the position of students

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