Integration with iCal and Google Calendars

You'll be able to show/add/edit/delete your iCal events within iDoceo.

Your events are kept 'as is' in your iPad, they won't be imported or mixed with the app's data, it is only a convenient feature that will show your diary/planner data and your planned events together.

How to enable this option

You can grant or revoke the permission to access your calendars from the iPad's setting app.


How to choose which calendars to integrate

From iDoceo's main screen / Settings /Calendars you'll be able to enable or disable your calendars


How to integrate with Google Calendars

You must first add your gmail account as a calendar provider.
The details explained here

Additional settings for Google Calendars

You may have to enable these settings in your Google Account as well

Where will you see those events

In the planner,timetable, diary and all its different views: single day, week, timeline, month.