Apple calendar (iCal) and Google calendar integration

You will be able to show/add/edit/delete your iCal events from iDoceo.

The events are managed by iOS on your iPad or iPhone, or by MacOS on your Mac, and they will not be imported or mixed with the data from iDoceo, they will always be displayed as additional information.

How to activate this option

You can give or revoke access to your Apple calendars from the Settings on iPad/iPhone or System Preferences on Mac > Privacy and Security > Calendars.

How to choose which calendars to show in iDoceo

From the iDoceo Menu > Options > Calendars, you can enable or disable the calendars you need.

With the "integrate all calendars" option, you will select all the calendars you have.

To create or delete a calendar, you have to do it from the Apple Calendar app.

Having a calendar enabled or disabled in iDoceo will not affect the calendars in any way.


How to integrate with Google Calendars

The first step is to create your Gmail account, and from there, you must set up your Google calendar.

Once you have it, you must link this calendar with the Apple calendar so that the events are transferred. You can do this by following these steps.

To set up your Google calendar, create a new calendar, or make any changes to events, you have to do it directly from the Google Calendar website.

This is the website to start with Google Calendars:

Where would you see these events in iDoceo

In the planner, schedule, events (Menu > Events), diary in all its views: day, week, timeline, and month, and in the Events section of the Reminders.

For more information on how to use events in the reminders option, see this article.

Events iDoceo
Menu > Events
Reminders > Events
Diario iDoceo
Diary > Day
Diario > Línea de Tiempo
Planner > Day
Planner > Week