What's new in iDoceo 3.0

These are the main features of iDoceo 3.0 but there is a more recent version of iDoceo available already!

Working modes : Compact and Full-size

iDoceo 3.0 offers two working modes, compact and full-size.
Both modes affect how the timetable,diary and the planner are linked together.

Compact mode uses our previous version's schedule 1-2 system, while full-size offers a new system, with a new planner,calendar and schedule.

Compact mode's schedule is not "calendar" aware, i.e. the diary does not know if you're actually on week 1 or 2 of your schedule. But it is
easier to configure for beginners and many users will feel it is all they need.

Full-size mode is backed by a calendar which will allow you to configure any kind of cycle,day,week combination for your term or given dates.
The schedule in turn will know exactly which classes are scheduled for a given week, its holidays, and the diary will reflect it as well.

Full-size mode requires you to assign a Period to each scheduled item, be it a class or a an location/annotation. Period times can be modified at will. Each row in the planner depicts a period . You can configure up to 12 periods per day.
You should not keep switching from one mode to the other but if you do change your mind, about which one to use, do so at your convenience from the Main screen / Settings / Working mode option.

Improvements in the grade book

  • You can now create a template from your grade book and share it with other users. The template will include all your configuration, seating plan, resources and/or students and their data. When including students, it requires you to password protect it.
  • We'll keep an online database with templates for users to share. You can send yours at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some explanation , subject , country, and even school logo if you're allowed to! Details explained here
  • New calculation: Addition . Add/Deduct selected columns with an initial value. Represent its total or a percentage over the maximum available score. Details explained here
  • New calculation: Coefficient. Mainly for our French users as an alternative to iDoceo's standard average calculation
  • New calculation: Condition. Choose the higher/lower value of a selection of columns
  • New calculation: Icon counter. Automatically count 4 different kind of icons for the current tab. Count its total value or number of icons found. Details explained here
New calculations are hidden by default to keep the editors list at a reasonable height (and not to overwhelm our new users)
Enable them individually from the settings on the main screen Settings / Column editors.
  • Calculation results can now be manually overwritten. Details explained here: Overwriting a calculation result
  • Hide students(per tab). Details explained here: Hiding students
  • Hide columns
  • Hide tabs
  • New tab manager to move,hide, and copy them easily
  • Tabs can now have any color
  • Numeric grades can now be created within the grade book (Grade selector, last row) without having to go back to the main screen
  • Added 10 quick editors with configurable name and icons. Details explained here
  • Additional icons


  • Improved diary edition: choose font colors, bold, underline... (requires iOS6)
  • Integrated with calendar, shows periods for a given day (when in full-size) mode
  • New planner week view from each class (when in full-size mode)
  • All diary views include now the week number

Calendar (full-size)


  • Timetable is now linked to your calendar, reflects your year's configuration (full-size)
  • Pinch to Zoom In&Out
  • New location field per class
  • Swipe left/Right or change dates manually
  • Print option (with 'Open In')

Planner (full-size)

  • Whole week or single day view. Up to 10 periods per day.
  • Pinch to zoom In&Out , all your info at sight
  • Edit your diary data and add resources.
  • Print option (with 'Open In')

Student sheet

  • Create single student report from summary,attendance or annotations view. Details explained here
  • Annotations view can now show all annotations for the current tab or all tabs at once (bubble icon)
  • Attendance view can now show all attendance for the current tab or all tabs at once (gear icon)
  • Resources view will allow you to copy a resource to another student,cell,class,etc. (tap&hold on a resource)

Seating plan

  • Each of the 5 views can now have a specific mode (photo,photo+name or badge)
  • Badge mode configuration is kept along different tabs and can hold columns from any tab
  • Background image can now be acquired from the camera roll
  • Import student photos in bulk, choose filename criteria (Details explained here)
  • Import student photos with face detection (Details explained here)
  • New option to reset Dice history. This allows the same student to be asked twice in the same session
  • When in photo only mode, a double tap will show the student's name. Game like feature to learn new names


  • Single student report , include personal data, grades, attendance and resources. Details explained here
  • Improved email report. URL Links are now embedded in the PDF
  • Reports can now include a Header,Footer and a background for customization (i.e. with school logos or certificates)
  • Improved XLS export, includes now icon translation and can export a selected group of columns
  • All reports can now be 'AirPrinted'

Improvements in file browser

  • Improved interface, easier to download links or Preview a file without actually downloading it
  • Supports now GoogleDrive. Google Docs can be downloaded as a link or as PDF/XLS etc
  • Dropbox can now navigate across all your account, not only in Apps/iDoceo as in previous versions
  • Embedded webserver which allows to transfer files directly from any PC/Mac into iDoceo
  • Can download multiple files


  • New Settings window on main screen with global settings for each view.
  • New recycle bin. All erased elements from grade book will be kept here classes, tabs and students and can be restored or erased permanently
  • New reminders option. Can be set with an alarm on specific dates
  • New resource manager in main screen with more complex Webserver, allows to upload&download any resource in iDoceo (must see!)
  • Resources , reports and any other export option offers Mail as a generic destination (requires iOS6)

- Bulletin board

  • Bulletin boards can store any kind of resources visually. You can create new one from the main screen or use the one embedded in each class
  • Bulletin boards can be shared with other iDoceo users by email
  • Add postits, arrows, and different kind of papers
  • Drag&drop resources, rotate and resize.

- Resources

  • New 'Open In' function. Add resources from any other app in your iPad
  • Adding photos from the camera roll will browse camera roll's videos as well
  • Storage location of resources can now be set to be locally stored. By default they will be kept in Camera roll for backward compatibility. (Settings on main screen, Image&Video)
  • Image&Video quality can now be configured.
  • Copy & Move resources without taking extra space. Add resources without assigning its to a class, stored in iDoceo as a global resource (From resource manager, or from main screen) (full-size mode)
  • New bulletin board , organize your resources visually. One per class and many stand alone.
  • Embedded webserver which allows to transfer files directly from any PC/Mac into iDoceo

- Usability improvements

  • We've added important tips on each window explaining some of its features.
  • Improved interface, looks and faster navigation
  • The edit next cell feature now edits even if next cell is not empty