Showing the result of a calculation as an icon

In this example, we will show the result of a calculation as an icon.
Since our calculation's result may contain decimals and we have to link a single numeric value to a single icon, we will first add a rounding column.
After that, we will be able to add our final icon conversion

In short, these will be the steps:

  • Configure a grade type with our rounding and the value assigned to each icon
  • Add a rounding column in our grade book (calculation column)
  • Add an icon conversion that will show the rounding's result as an icon (calculation column)

All the grades in our example are from 0 to 5 but you may use any other grade type.

You can import this example and its configuration with a template.
It will include sample data,columns and the grade type configuration
From your iPad, download and Open in iDoceo > password 1234

Configuring our grade type

These steps won't be necessary if you imported the template

From iDoceo's main screen > Three dots menu (center) > Grade types

Add > Numeric grade > Max. 5, Min. 0

Tap on Rounding and apply the one you need. In our example Round near 1
This will turn a 4.6 into 5 and a 4.4 into 4

Tap now on icons and assign the icons you would like linked to each value

Adding the rounding column

From the grade book view, we will now add our rounding column.

Tap on the header of the original calculation, done
Double tap now on this new column's header and make sure you apply our recently created grade

And this will be the result

Adding the 'conversion into an icon' column

You must first enable the 'Show result as an icon' calculation. It is hidden by default
From iDoceo's main screen, gear icon (top bar) > Cell editor,calculation > Scroll down and enable Show result as an icon

You will now be able to add this calculation in our grade book

Tap on the rounded average result header, done
Double tap now on this new column's header and make sure the grade type is set to our recently created 0-5 grade. This is where the icon conversions are defined.

This will be the result

You can hide the rounding or average columns at any time (tap and hold on header > hide) and show only the icons