Rounding a calculation

In iDoceo you can apply roundings to any column and result.
In this article we will explain how to round a conventional calculation, an average, an addition, a comparison, etc.

If you would like to round a Formula 's result tap here.


Rounding a result

The rounding of a column depends on its grade type. By default, all grade types will show 2 decimals and will not round its results.
In our example, we have calculated an average from three columns (Test 1 to 3) and we are showing the result as a score from 0 to 40. Note the 2 decimal places in the result.

We are going to configure a new grade type that removes the decimals and rounds the result to its nearest unit. Double tap on the calculation's header > Grade type > Edit > Add > Number based

This will be our configuration

And this will be our result