Dropping the lowest scores from a calculation

This article is only kept here for reference on older versions of iDoceo.
The formula function DROPAVERAGE is an easier and better alternative to drop scores

In this example we will work with 6 columns, each holding the score of a quiz. Our final result will be shown as a percent but we will drop the two lowest scores first.

The main calculation for dropping scores is called 'Calculation - condition' and it must be enabled first from the Settings(on the ruler) > Column editors

This is the sample data we will work with.
The 6 Quiz columns have the same Grade type, in our example 'From 0 to 10'.

The result we would obtain if we took all 6 columns into account would look like this.
We have added a new column, its editor 'Calculation - addition' and Grade type 'From 0 to 100'.
If you are not familiar with calculations, you will find here a step-by-step on configuring this addition

And this will be the result after dropping the 2 lowest scores


Adding our first condition. Showing the highest value from our Quizzes

We will now add 4 new columns, one for each of the scores we need to take into account in the final result.
The columns must have the 'Calculation - condition'editor and we will configure the same Grade type of our Quiz columns. In our case 'From 0 to 10'.

This will be the result, a column showing the highest score amongst those 6 quizzes.

Adding our 2nd,3rd and 4th condition

You can now copy that column to create the rest of conditions. The main point is to choose the right position in the option 'Pick max value at position'.

Make sure the editor is set again to 'Calculation - condition' after copying the column.

The 2nd condition will pick the 2nd highest score (position 2)
The 3rd condition will pick the 3rd highest score (position 3)
and 4th condition will pick the 4th highest score (position 4)

Once configured, the 4 conditions will look like this

Adding our final calculation and hiding the condition columns

Now that our Conditions 1 to 4 are on screen we are able to add the 'Calculation - addition' that will calculate the final result.
Add a new column, 'Calculation - addition' as its editor , 'From 0 to 100' as its grade type and select the 4 conditions and 'Show its result as a percent'.

We will now hide those Condition 1 to 4 columns: Tap and hold on its header > Hide
And this will be our final result


Sample template to import into your iDoceo

If you would like to test this sample tap on this template below from your iPad and 'Open in' iDoceo.
Password is '12345'