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How to prepare the assessesment's questions

Two types of questions can be prepared and mixed:

Test Questions

These are the questions in which the student reads several posible answers and he must choose the correct one

idoceo connect

The setup is detailed in the following image, where the first question is in edit mode

idoceo connect


    • Question
      In the question box, you have to write the question, you can also add an image and audio if needed, next boxes are provided for it.


    • Time Limit
      You can set a limited time to answer, in the Time limit per question section


    • Choice answers
      In the next section you add the possible answers which the student will find and mark with green check, the correct ones. You can select one or more correct answers, depending on the nature of your question.


    • Comment
      You can add a comment for the student, which will be shown during the correction if he has selected this answer.

      idoceo connect
    • Score
      In the Points section, you can add the points assigned to this question. If you need to enter a more complex points calculation with penalties, you can do it by pressing the Custom button


      The student will see the question in his computer or mobile like that :


idoceo connect

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