iDoceo Connect: Quick start

How to set up iDoceo Connect for the first time

In order to access your published assessments, library or created assessments you must link to your Google account first. Tap in the Main Menu > Settings > Cloud Links

idoceo connect

Now you can create your first assessment or test to evaluate your students, the Tests or rubrics are always linked to your classes, so open the class and select Gradebook where you will work. Next:
Tap on the icon Add Column > iDoceo Connect > Assessment

You can create the assessment in several ways:

In the following animation we download an assessment from the online library

How students access iDoceo Connect

Students can take the assessment or complete the task by connecting to iDoceo Connect from any device with internet access at this link

There are two types of access:

  • With a class PIN generated by iDoceo when publishing the exam.
  • With a Google or Microsoft account
iDoceo Connect does not save, store, or manage any personal data of the students, nor their names, emails, or photos.


The two types of access use pseudonymization. The class PIN entryway gives a more direct and easy access to assessments or rubrics, specially if you have not added the e-mails in iDoceo's gradebook.

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