iDoceo Connect: Open Questions

Assessments: Open questions

iDoceo Connect can handdle not only Test questions but also Open questions which allows to publish exams with both types and even combine its.

Manual Review

By default the review of open questions is manual, the grade is assigned by the teacher when collecting the answers.

idoceo connect,open questions

How the student sees it

idoceo connect,abiertas

Here is a small animation showing how we collect the exam and how you can review the open question

idoceo connect,abiertas


Receiving files from the students

Open questions also allows you to request attached files from your students.

idoceo connect,open questions

Automatic Correction

Automatic review allows us to get the grade without having to go through the open questions. To do this we use keywords, iDoceo will search if these keywords are in the student's answer and will assign the corresponding score.

The following image shows the configuration screen that is activated when changing the correction mode from Manual

idoceo connect,abiertas

We can use as many keywords as we want, and assign each group of keywords a score, in this example the word 1658,1599 is worth two points. Here is an animation where we can check that the open question has automatic review and grading when the assessment is downloaded.

idoceo connect,abiertas

Edward answered

open question idoceo

The two asigned points are the points corresponding to (General or Parliament) = 1 point and 1 point for (King Charles or Civil War) total 2 points of 4

You can always overwrite the score as you wish

Regardless of the type of reviewing you have activated, you can always overwrite the score just with the keyboard.
To do this, tap directly on the score number in the question's column and change it.

idoceo connect,abiertas

Advanced Options

There are two additional advanced options:
  • You can require for the student earn points, that he has earned points in all the word groups of this question.
  • The Strict Mode in which the content of each group of words is required to be exactly reflected in the student's response.
idoceo connect,abiertas

The previous example has this option deactivated , it is recommended to activate this option only for questions where the answer is very concise and exact, such as asking the verb , the name of some historic site or person , a chemical formula etc.

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