iDoceo Connect: Global Options

Global options in iDoceo Connect assessments

During the questions setup we can choose between some specific characteristics for each question, there are also global options to apply.
The following image shows where to find these options.

idoceo connect

    • The student must answer questions in order, it means that once a question is passed, he cannot return to it.
    • A maximum time can be assigned for the entire test
    • The exam questions can be displayed in random order so that the same question never shows up the same position, some question can be the first for one student and for another student it can be the fourth
    • In a test that shows of many questions for example 50, we can generate an exam with a limited number of them, for example 10, if in this case the questions have a random order, the set of 10 questions may be different for each student.
    • In a test-type exam, the order of the possible answers will show randomly for each student.
    • You can display a comment to the student when he has already answered a question and you can include in it, the correct answer
    • You can define default penalty points
    • Also define a maximum final grade for the exam


Assessment supervision

      From the menu of each assessment we can:
      • Review the number of assignments delivered
      • Send assigment reports to each student
      • Delete the assessment
      • </ ul>


        The image shows these three options:

idoceo connect

The review of the assignments allows us to have details about of how the student has performed during the online test.
  • Date and time of the assessment delivery
  • The time elapsed since that the student started the assessment until he delivered it
  • The browser and operating system of the mobile or computer that was used.
  • Loss of concentration indicates that the exam was abandoned to move on to do something different
  • Another indicator is the resizing of the browser while the exam was being carried out </ li>
  • Easy to see if one student made the assessment twice or more , you can keep only the one yo decide and erase the others</ li>

idoceo connect

Assessment's Reports

idoceo connect
idoceo connect

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