From Chrono time to a score

In this short tutorial we will convert a time (obtained with the chrono editor) to a score with the grade conversion feature

Our sample data and resulting score will look like this

The score can be rounded, colored or shown as text as any other grade type in iDoceo. In our case we work with a simple 0-10 score

Creating the conversion grade

From iDoceo's main screen > Three dots button top central bar > Grade types > Add > Conversion grade

When working with time, always type values in seconds
Our input range, from 0 to 300 seconds to make sure all values fit in

Our result, a score from 0 to 10

You could leave this conversion as is or specify ranges between times.
We've added these values shown below

Adding our conversion column in the gradebook

On grade type, select the conversion you've just created and 100% the chrono column.

You can import this very same sample into your gadebook by downloading a template.
It will include data, columns and grade types
From your iPad, download and Open in iDoceo > password 1234
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