PE Gradebook sample: Cooper test for boys and girls into a grade

We've added a slightly different sample in our forum here . It works with categories and grade conversions.

In this example we will convert two different Cooper tests, one for boys and one for girls into a grade.
The final result/grade can be shown in many ways but, in this sample example is shown as a percentage, text and value from 0-10. 

For reference, this is the Cooper test values in Km we will use. Any other tests and values will work as well.

Result Boys Girls
10 3.0Km 2.5Km
9 2.83Km 2.35Km
8 2.66Km 2.20Km
7 2.49Km 2.05Km
6 2.32Km 1.90Km
5 2.15Km 1.75Km
4 1.98Km 1.60Km
3 1.81Km 1.45Km
2 1.64Km 1.30Km
1 1.47Km 1.15Km
0 1.30Km 1.00Km
You can import this very same sample into your gadebook by downloading a template.
It will include data, columns and grade types
From your iPad, download and Open in iDoceo > password 1234
The sample looks like this


Creating the grade types

 We will create one grade for boys and another one for girls with the values in our table.
The Grade conversion is the best grade type for this
iDoceo's main screen, tap on three dots button (top central bar)> Grade types> Add > Grade conversion

In the input value, we will set 1.30 to 3.0,the minimum and maximum values in our table
The output grade type, will be set to 0 - 10
In the table below (Input -> Result) we will add the main values of the table. In our case there is no need to add them all because there is a linear correlation between KMs and the resulting grade and iDoceo will be able to automatically calculate all the values between max and min

The grade type for boys would look like this

And grade type for girls like this


Working with these grade types in the gradebook

Once configured you can use these grade types in the gradebook.
We will create two columns, one for boys and one for girls and in the grade type of each we will assign the grade types we've created in the previous step.
Since we will be inserting numeric values - in Kms - we select the numeric keypad as the cell's editor

Editing data would look like this. As soon as Kms are typed you will see the grade conversion on the same cell (0-10)

The grade conversion will calculate the conversion automatically according to the values configured in each grade type

Showing the result in a single column

Both columns can be merged in many ways. We will use an average with the Skip empty cells option enabled

The resulting grade type of this calculation can be any grade type you need. To further illustrate this we've added the same calculation with different results: as a percentage, as a text and as 0-10 score

The calculation would look like this