iDoceo 7 for macOS and iPadOS now available!

You will find all the details explained here

The basics of the seating plan

The seating plans in iDoceo will let you manage all the information in your grade book from a different point of view.

These are some of its main features

  • Add new columns and edit its contents and configuration
  • Keep track of your students position in 10 different plans
  • Take attendance
  • Five different modes: name only / photo / photo + name / circular photo /badge mode
  • Configurable background. Use default preconfigured images or your own
  • Create PDF reports
  • Add a color to each student's frame (e.g behaviour analysis)
  • View a student's personal data (as in the gradebook),annotations and resources
  • Add resources,photos,images,audio and video as annotations
  • Random picker for questioning
  • Automatic group generator.
  • Add handwritten annotations, and drawings
  • Copy your annotations and drawings to another seating plan, export its to your colleagues
  • Import students photos in bulk or using the face detection engine

Some configuration examples

Next example shows a badge configuration with a selected group of students.

Several templates are available in Tools>Reset seating plan

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