Whats' new in iDoceo 5

This is for reference only! A major update of iDoceo is already available in the App Store
The automatic update may still take some time to be available. If you wish to update right now tap on this link and 'Update'

New features in iDoceo Connect

  • Configure open questions in addition to current multiple choice tests
  • Open questions can be manually or automatically reviewed
  • Organize your assessments in folders
  • New co-assessment feature. Let your students assess their teammates with a rubric
  • New Online rubrics database, share yours or download rubrics from other users
  • Configure a start date&time for your assignments


e-backpack and reminders

  • The e-backpack will let you store any kind of resources from iDoceo or other apps and use them from any other view in the app (requires iOS11 or superior)
  • Improved reminders, can now be shown anywhere in the app


New 'Group mode' in gradebook

  • Drag&drop students to their position from the gradebook view
  • Assign grades, annotations, resources to groups of students
  • Includes summary column calculations per group

  • New spider charts in group mode

Gradebook categories just got better!

  • Up to five nested levels
  • Easily rearrange gradebook folders
  • Individually keeps track of open/close status

Folders in bulletin board (requires at least iOS 11)

  • Easily drag&drop resources
  • Rename folders

Gradebook improvements

  • Icon counter calculation supports three modes: all, folder, subfolders
  • Class Report now supports header&footer with position selection
  • Students' personal data modifications are propagated across all classes where student is attending
  • New category calculation, most recent value