Transfer your iDoceo's data from an old device (iPad, iPhone or Mac) to a new one

You will need a Backup made from iDoceo to transfer your data

You will find all the details about iDoceo's Backups explain here.
In summary, the steps necesary for the data transfer are the following:

The old device (iPad, iPhone or Mac)

It is in your old device, where you have all your iDoceo data that you want to transfer, that you need to start.

Go to your old device iDoceo's Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore > Manual Backup

Before you make a Manual Backup, it is important not to forget to set up a password for backups and make sure you keep it safe. This password will be the one required to restore this backup in your new device iDoceo. You set up a password when you select the last option in the Manual Backup menu, "Password for Backup Archives".
Remember, though the process is simple, you have to make sure you make the backup from your old device iDoceo, where you actually have your data, and that you restore the backup in your new device iDoceo.

Manual Backup From the Old iPad only


New Device (iPad, iPhone or Mac)

Once you have made the backup from iDoceo and have it safely stored in your choice location, its time for the second step, which is to restore that backup in your new device.

From your new device, iDoceo Menu > Settings > Backup & Restore > Restore Backup > Select where you have stored your Backup file.

Search for the backup file you want to restore and click on it. Then, when asked introduce the password you set up when you made the backup, and continue with the process.

The last step indicates that iDoceo needs to restart. This message is only for your information, that when you click OK, iDoceo will close automatically. You must leave iDoceo to close on its own. After that, just open iDoceo again and your data will have been succesfully restored.

This is the only method for restoring a backup, and as such, would be the same regardless of where you have your backup file stored (Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive, Dropbox, To Other Destinations and WebDAV Servers).
You must download iDoceo from the Apple App Store on your new device, using the same Apple ID as you did with your old device iDoceo.
Apple Backups, in iCloud or through iTunes do not include iDoceo's data. You must use the method explained in this article to transfer your data from one device to another.