VPP -bulk purchase

After the latest updates from Apple in the App store, these links are no longer valid.
We keep them in case Apple fixes them again.
If you are interested in buying by volume you can search for 'iDoceo' in the purchase management or contact Apple

If you'd like to purchase licenses in bulk - thank you! - here are the links:

United States: VPP here

Japan: VPP here

Germany: VPP here

United Kingdom: VPP here

Ireland: VPP here

Ireland: VPP here

Belgium: VPP here

Canada: VPP here

Australia: VPP here

France: VPP here

South Africa: VPP here

VPP is available in other countries as well. Type iDoceo teacher gradebook in the search field

What is VPP

VPP stands for Volume Purchase Programme. If you'd like to buy apps in bulk, you should enroll your institution here

Are there any discounts available?

Unfortunately, we can't afford any discounts. The price is more than reasonable considering all the features we offer. A license is valid for life and it includes all its updates and support. There are no additional subscriptions or IAPs. iDoceo is paid only once.

Why should I purchase in bulk?

Your organization may need an invoice and purchasing in bulk will let your school keep your licenses under control. This is helpful if you have high staff turnaround.

I'm looking for your bundles (full pack or gamification pack) and can't find it

The VPP is administered by Apple and we have no control over the functionality of what it can and can’t do. Unfortunately, as of April 2019, they don’t allow app bundles to be included in the VPP