What's new in iDoceo 4

This list of features is from an old version of iDoceo, tap on Home to browse the latest new features!

System improvements

  • Improved interface and navigation between classes and views.
  • You can now change iDoceo’s main screen theme or individually for each class (three dots button)
  • QuickSwitch feature. Open another class directly from the grade book view, diary, planner, pinboard or seating plan.
  • Improved text edition: More colors, indentation, create bulleted lists
  • New color palette. four configurable color pickers.
  • New e-mail option: Send to absent/present students today
  • iDoceo’s backup now supports iCloud Drive and iCloud (iOS7 and iOS8)
  • Grade types have now a ‘passing grade’ value. Used in some summary features and column stats
  • Backups can now be stored virtually anywhere with the ‘Backup to other locations’ option. (Requires iOS8 extensions)
  • Templates will now include Diary,Notes, Resources, Grade types, Student summary configuration, Column favourites, Seating plans ...
  • Import RTF files with student photos. File should be generated by your school's MIS system
System improvements


  • Add handwritten notes anywhere: in the Diary,Planner,Cells,Students,Classes or Pin board.
  • Add signatures, timestamped and watermarked
  • Save files into iDoceo from iCloud Drive/Google Drive/Box/One Drive or any other app with available extensions (iOS8)
  • Export any resource to iCloud Drive/Dropbox/Google Drive/Box, etc. from iDoceo. (iOS8)
  • Improved audio recording, new pause recording button.
  • Directly paste images or URLS as resources in the planner and diary. Tap and hold as if it were text > Paste
System improvements

Main screen

  • Organize your classes in folders
  • Create stand-alone notepads with text or handwritten notes
  • Configure the available menu options to show only those you need to see on a daily basis


  • Change the font size of the planner on screen and on PDF
  • You can now add notes and resources on empty slots (i.e. without classes but with a location)
  • The calendar's day color is now shown on top


  • Improved copy features with an easy-to-follow wizard
  • New wizard to manually copy day,weeks and cycles
  • New copy mode: 2 weeks


  • Improved column configuration
  • Improved calculations configuration
  • Lock/Unlock columns individually. This will disable its edition and deletion
  • Column summary: grade distribution graph and all statistics in one view (Column header > Summary)
  • New attendance summary on a column. (Column header > Summary)
  • Assign simple numeric grades to a column without requiring a new grade type (Column > Grade type > Max)
  • Unlimited number of rows and columns.
  • Larger cells allowed, both in width&height
  • Choose student thumbnail mode: none/square/round
  • New freeze columns option. Keep a selection of columns always on sight next to the students names. (Tools > Columns > Drag&drop)
  • Quickly add any kind of resource to a cell/header with a tap and hold.
  • Improved students filter: By name, group(s), absent/Present or column value/condition.
  • Configure which personal fields to show under/instead the students names (i.e. group, id, e-mail, preferred name, date of birth, etc.) (ellipsis button)
  • New personal field: web/URL on each student. Tap and hold from the grade book view to open in browser
  • New iconDrop tool. Quickly drag&drop icons to any cell
  • New textDrop tool. Quickly drag&drop preconfigured texts. Organise them in unlimited groups&subgroups.
  • New editor: Fraction. Will let you type score / max score in any cell.
  • Add timestamp to cell annotations with a click
  • Tools>Quick Lock button to trigger the password protection screen, if any
  • Easily hide a student from all tabs at once. Tap and hold on student
  • More icons.
  • Improved all editors: numeric keypad, text editor, text/icons, grade selector, etc.
  • Improved edit direction control, embedded into editor + up direction
  • Favourite columns list. Create predefined column configurations (including a predefined value and icons) and add them to your gradebook with a couple of clicks
  • Random picker option has been added to the gradebook (long tap on students roster header)
  • System improvements

Gradebook calculations

  • Add Excel-like mathematical formulas. Mix columns from any tab, functions, other calculations, constants and conditions
  • New grade type ‘Grade conversion’. Will let you convert any grade into another within the cell. Scores into percents, seconds and minutes into a grade, scores into text and any other non-linear configurations
  • Improved addition: default empty cell value
  • Improved coefficients with half points

Student report

  • Improved column selection and configuration
  • Add legend of icons. Show a selection of icons and its description.
  • Add thumbnails of images,handwritten notes, URLs and their description if any.
  • Add class’ average/median/etc to each column. The type of calculation depends on the grade book.


  • Improved PDF reader. Add bookmarks, view and select page thumbnails, keep track of last page
  • Tool: Go to resource, directly browse and go to a particular resource
  • Tool: View resource properties and change its name
  • Tool: E-mail to students. All/Absent/Present

New text based notepad per class (or created individually from the main screen)

  • Add text notes, timestamped, with icon, and resources.
  • Create global text notes, shown in all classes at once
  • Copy or move text notes and its resources to other classes
  • Create a PDF report, select periods, include images and URLs

New handwritten notepad per class (or created individually from the main screen)

  • Create unlimited pages
  • Change the order of your pages
  • Easily duplicate pages
  • Export individual pages to the rest of iDoceo (diary,cells,students,etc)
  • Choose between different sheet models (each page can be different): squared, lined, graph, music sheet, etc.
  • Create full PDF report of all - or a selection - pages

New summary view (dashboard widgets)

  • Widget: Recent resources. A list of the last files added to a class. Tap to open on gallery
  • Widget: Recent Attendance summary, pie chart
  • Widget: Recent Attendance summary, bar chart
  • Widget: Current day attendance summary
  • Widget: Search. Look for text in students, personal details, diary, notes, resources and cell annotations
  • Widget: Grade distribution
  • Widget: Random student picker
  • Widget: Upcoming birthdays
  • Widget: Famous birthdays
  • Widget: Last bulletin board notes
  • Widget: Stopwatches and timers
  • Widget: Today&Tommorrow's events
  • Widget: Passing/Non-passing students stats for a given column
System improvements

Seating plan

  • Improved column edition and selection. Change tabs within the seating plan.
  • Add any kind of resource as a column annotation with a tap and hold.
  • New mode on seating plan: Circular photo with configurable text colour
  • Badge mode now allows personal fields along grade book columns. Improved column selection
  • Improved zoom in&out
  • Name in photos can now be replaced by any other personal field
  • Text size on badge can now be set automatically/manually
  • Add an always visible text note to each seating plan (included in the report)
  • Improved seating plan report with legend of icons, date, title and seating plan name if any
  • New automatic group generator: Create Horizontal, Vertical and Circular groups of any number of students
  • New iconDrop tool
  • Choose between the classic plan size or a larger plan (Settings > Seating plan > 2500x2500)

Pin board

  • New resource manager. Easily copy&move resources around.


  • New preview option on all PDF/XLS and CSV reports
  • Reports can now be stored in the cloud (iOS8)
  • XLS export will now include the numeric value of icons, if any
  • New report: Export resources. Will create a ZIP with all the resources attached to a grade book organized in folders (students/tabs/columns).

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