Real calculus examples:Obtain a text based grade from a numeric average

In this example we'll see how to translate a numeric average into a text grade. So that, for example , if we have an average result of 98% in a column we want an A+ as the translation for it in our new column.

We'll begin with the sample data on this image, it is a simple average with three columns. If you need help on how to obtain the average column, take a look at this link here.



 The first step is to assign a grade type to each column so that iDoceo knows what kind of information each column holds.

As our example uses a grade from 0 to 100, we'll create this numeric grade with a maximum value of 100 and a minimum value of 0. You'll find instructions on how to create a grade type here

Edit all the columns involved in the average (including its result) and assign our new grade type, in our example called 0 to 100. When editing the calculus properties , it should look like this (note the 0 to 100 grade on each arrow):


Now our final step, we'll create a new calculus column with our TEXT grade type A to F and it will use the 100% of our average column, like in the image:


And the result

Expert's tip: For the sake of simplicty we've left 2 average columns, one numeric and its text translation. iDoceo in fact allows to directly perform a text translation without the numeric average.

If you configure the grade type of the first average column to a text based grade, it will directly represent the average's text without an intermediate column.  It would look like this :