Calculations: Comparing columns

What is it?

It is a calculation column that will let you:
  • compare each student by the class' average/median/target value
  • compare two cell's of each student (i.e. target vs actual grade)

It is configured as a conventional calculation. You select a single column to take into account (or two in case of a two cell's comparison).
The comparison calculation is hidden by default. To enable it go to iDoceo's main screen > gear icon (top bar) > Cell editors, calculation > enable Comparison.

A step by step

Add a new calculation 'Comparison' column to your gradebook.
Once you have the configuration on screen select the mode and columns you would like to compare.

Tap on the header of the column you'd like to compare and choose the comparison method. In our example the Average value of 'Test 1'.

And this will be the final result

Comparing two columns

This is our sample data. We'll compare the Target grade vs Project 1

And here the configuration, we select our columns A and B

I'd need to assign colors to a cell instead of arrows

From the main screen Settings (gear on top bar) > Options (Grade book) > Show colors when comparing columns

Our previous example would look like this