iDoceo 8.8 is now available!

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iDoceo 8.8 is now available! was created by bert
Here are the most relevant updates for iDoceo, our teacher gradebook app. If you need further clarification on any specific topic, please don't hesitate to let us know.

- New resource type: Folder. Available throughout iDoceo.
- Moodle: Improved server connections with various authentications.
- Moodle: Comprehensive class list mode (current, future, past, All).
- New cell editor: Date.
- Quick editors now allow configuring up to 8 icons.
- Improved icon counter with folder options.
- New date selection displays the week number.
- Over 30 new icons related to student allergies have been added.
- New formula functions to consider column statistics (for all students):
- Option in student report to display only empty cells.
- Option in class report to change the order of personal fields, retaining titles and subtitles.
- In Options > Notebook, you can enhance rubric reports to include scores and percentages. It's a global option.
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