iDoceo 6.0.21 now available in the App store

4 years 2 months ago - 4 years 2 months ago #8714 by bert
Continuing with the frenetic pace of deliveries of this season of confinement, we already have a new version in the App store with tools that we hope you will find useful.

You will see the the previous version's features here

You can now create new file delivery tasks in iDoceo Connect.
Your students will be able to submit several files, up to a maximum of 10MB and you can collect them in your iDoceo as if it were an exam or any other task.

You can also enable this file delivery option in open questions in an exam

For students to be able to make this delivery, they must see the label 'File delivery enabled' in their browser. More details here.

You now have easier access to the iDoceo Connect exam and rubric's library:
Tap on Menu> iDoceo Connect> Library

In the generation of random exams and continuing with the tag options introduced in our previous version,
you can now select how many questions of each tag will be picked for an exam.

You can thus configure question tags like: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and select how many of each will make the exam or you can add the label 'Mandatory' for those questions that must always appear in the exam.

In order to select the number of questions for each label, your exam must meet two conditions:
1. You must have assigned a label in at least one question
2. The number of questions for the exam must be less than the number of questions configured (bank mode)

You can also activate the option to display the labels and their questions in alphabetical order.
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