iDoceo 6.0.5 now available in the app store

4 years 4 months ago #8533 by bert
A small but important maintenance update is now available in the App store.
Please update when you have a chance.
It is both important for iSO13 and previous iOS versions.

You can update with a tap on this link

The full list of features in iDoceo 6 is available here

- We've added a new 'automatic' editor which takes into account the column's configuration.
If you're not working with the advanced editors (counters, YES/NO, quick editors, etc.) this will be the only editor to rule them all.
It lets you add resources, annotations, icons, generic text as the previously available editors.

- When importing templates from other users, the recently imported grade types and rubrics will be put in a folder with the template's name in it.

- Erasing categories has been improved. You can now erase the category only and leave its contents intact

- Performance improvements on all 'multiple column' operations

- Revamped text,numeric and conversion grade types.