iDoceo Connect, assign task results to a whole group, iDoceo 5.1.2 (current Beta)

5 years 1 month ago #8136 by bert
In the recent Beta we published, iDoceo 5.1.2 you will find a new 'Group' feature in iDoceo Connect.
This will allow students logging in with a Room PIN to work in groups.
It works with either exams or rubrics, it is not available in peer-assessment rubrics.

When assigned a Room PIN, a group of students can use the alias 'Group' followed by the group's name. When loaded into iDoceo, each task will be linked to all students in that group.

An example, let's suppose we have three student groups named blue,red and yellow.
After typing the room pin in iDoceo connect, one group will type 'blue group', the other will type 'red group' and the other 'yellow group'.
Each group will complete their task and once you load the results into iDoceo, each task will be copied to the all students in each group.
The group's name is not case sensitive.

If your iDoceo is not in english, use the proper translation for Group, grupo in spanish or groupe in french.
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