iDoceo Connect, the new 'Review submitted tasks' view in version 5.1.2 Beta

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Yesterday we published what should be the latest beta 5.1.2 before the official release, I hope you all enjoyed the new features.
In this post we'll explain in detail the new 'Review submitted tasks' option you will find after creating a task in iDoceo Connect.
This list will show all entries submitted by your students either via Room PIN or from their Google/Microsoft account.

This will offer a comprehensive view on what has been submitted and you will be able to erase a specific task if it has been submitted more than once by the same student or you suspect he has been cheating.

These are the columns and its meaning:

In the first 'Student' column (blue arrow) you will see the student that has been linked to this particular submission. This depends on the alias or Google/Microsoft login account.

The second column (orange arrow) will show either the typed alias or a Google/Microsoft icon if it has been done from an account.

The details column (yellow arrow) will show when this task was submitted, how long it took (this will be available online next week) how many times the student Lost focus and how many deliveries have been found with the same alias.

The lost focus counter detects how many times the student has switched tabs or moved to another app while doing an exam/rubric/task in iDoceo Connect. This usually means the student has been looking for other sources and lost focus on the iDoceo Connect tab. It does not always imply that the student has been cheating so please handle this value with care.

If the alias could not be linked to a student you will see this question mark under the pink arrow
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