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7 years 2 months ago #6115 by JasonEvens
EMail Report Feature was created by JasonEvens
I have started to use this email report feature to provide detailed student feedback via email. It is great. I have had to do a lot of faffing around though to get email addresses into idoceo - had to do via spreadsheets , merging username with the @ part of email etc.
I have asked ICT office if they can create a full email field as part of the profiles that we create from SIMS which is the main software used in schools in UK for student data.
Unfortunately it is not possible to add the full email address as part of the profiles created in SIMS so there is no easy way for staff to import their student emails when creating new classes which means we can't move forward in taking advantage of this great feature as staff would struggle to set up.
This can all be solved however IF you are able to set up a default email suffix feature for an organisation. In my school all emails end with . We can then still import the username field from the profiles created from SIMS but when generating reports iDoceo would just have to combine the username field with the predefined email suffix?

Would this be possible? I do hope so as I can see everyone using the email report feature to get feedback to students in a lot more detail.



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7 years 1 month ago #6117 by bert
Replied by bert on topic EMail Report Feature
Noted Jason, thanks.

I honestly think that SIMS could really afford exporting those e-mail addresses as actual e-mails instead of us implementing a hack-ish solution in iDoceo with a very limited scope (iDoceo is used worldwide). Our budget pales in comparison and they charge their clients - a lot - on a yearly basis, we don't.

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