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my school has adopted surface tablets and so I'm faced with the choice of abandoning idoceo or carrying around two tablet computers when I'm teaching, neither of which I want to do at all! The surface is set up to be able to remote-project to the whiteboard which the network wont allow the ipad to do.

I read your not developing for windows and I respect that, would you consider a web-version that would sync with my ipad verion? You could charge a year sub for it and it'd let people like me use the ipad for heavy-work in my office but still have access to things like seating plans and my planner when I have to use the surface.

I'm basically begging you to take my money and let me continue using your awesome software! My colleague I teach with is in the same position.
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Hello riverer,
Developing a web based version is at least 10x more expensive (in both time and money) than a Windows one, it has more limitations and those subscriptions would be just to keep the servers going. Storing personal data in a server is amongst many other things a nightmare and what I'm trying to avoid at all costs.