iDoceo Connect - answers to open questions in template; case-sensitive answers

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Hello dear team,

I would love to use iDoceo Connect more efficiently for assessment of vocabulary. Here are four suggestions:

1.) Please give us an option to make answers to open questions case-sensitive. This would make it possible for me to let students write vocabulary tests where it depends on whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters. I know you can enforce “strict match”, but it does not consider caps/lower case.

2.) Could you add an option to the template that helps me to write down answers for open questions? This way I could create open answer questions-based tests more quickly :)

3.) Make it a bit easier to review questions. Google Forms intelligently groups answers. In iDoceo, I need to review each individual question which can be unnecessary time-consuming.

4.) Show the right keywords at the solution sheet.

Best wishes

Probiert gerne meine kleine Korrektur-App "KURT" fürs iPad und den Mac aus. Sie hilft beim Erstellen individueller PDF-Rückmeldebögen und hat viele praktische Funktionen für den Korrekturprozess. Sie ist komplett kostenlos für Mac & iPad :) (jetzt in V. 4.3)
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