Bingo card rubric?

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Did a paired speaking test yesterday. The original paper-based criteria are reasonable, and I was able to import them as-is into idoceo, but their organization makes it difficult to quickly and accurately assess student performance. I was wondering if there was a better way....

A bingo card, with its binary (on or off) format, would be ideal. Each criterion would be in a separate box...tapping a box (the student performed that criterion) turns it on and adds to the total score (the number of 'on' items)—quick, simple, and accurate assessment on the fly. Even better, I could give each student a copy of the rubric that would show precisely what they did and did not do. Perfect for learning and for reviewing before the next test. Unfortunately, idoceo's rubrics allow only a single score per row.

I've attached the original rubric (transferred as-is to idoceo) and my mock-up of a bingo card rubric. In the mock-up, all items in each row have the same score. The scoring weight of each row is also the same, but that can be adjusted to give different weights to categories. A checkbox in the rubric Settings pane would turn on multiple selections in the same row. All else remains the same. Teachers could adjust the values for each row and column, as they do now. In my mock-up, each item has the same weight and score. 

The bingo card rubric option allows teachers to create more appropriate rubrics for a broader range of assessments. Is it possible?

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