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Well for me at least.😢

I love IDoceo, it keeps me so organised. The ability to copy lesson plans from group to group each year is a godsend from a DT teaching/project based point of view. Each lesson is linked to my OneDrive presentations so I’m only ever a click away from starting my lesson. The grade book is so much more useful than a spreadsheet allowing me keep regular watch on my pupils progress, log interventions and visually keep track of late work, absences etc.

I believe I would not be as effective as I am if I didn't use it.

Which is soon to be the case…

My school is dictating to me that GDPR absolutely prohibits the use of my iPad Pro (Face ID of course) as a device to store pupil grades on!

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way to fight my corner?
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Fighting irrational red tape is very difficult and never successful.
There is no reason to ban an iPad and not ban gradebooks on paper Notepads, further more the iPad is password protected and paper Notepads are not.

Find attached  our Privacy Policy just in case it can be of help.


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