6 years 11 months ago #6910 by Flex
EMAIL was created by Flex
Great app, very useful and flexible (I'm from France, sorry for my bad english). Few things I wish to see in the future :

- Email for anyone (not only students or parents : sometimes I need to share infos with over teachers)
- Import custom icons (school logos, specific sets for unconventional subjects...)
- And something I haven't found practical in any other app : grading essays, like a report for students : a pdf text and different customizable annotations, almost like your rubrics but on a text... More and more students give me pdf and it's long to make remarks, most of the time I find similar wrongs or rights.

And last, I know it's meant to be an app for iPads, but a mac version would be great because sometimes I loose time typing on this small keyboard - especially with rubrics or norms... not all features necessary...

Thank you for your work !

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