Some ideas around learning needs, homework and automation

7 years 5 months ago #5570 by Ben_E

I'm loving the latest version of iDoceo, and I know several of my colleagues are as well!

I have a couple of ideas:
  1. Once you have defined your start and end dates for your school year in calendar view, it would be really nice to be able to press a button marked "roll forward" which then allows you to select groups you are continuing teaching next year i.e. those on two year courses. If it could then drop attendance data but let you transfer testing data e.g. Anything you have highlighted in the student summary view, into the next year so you have an overview across the whole course.
  2. Is there a possibility of an SEN toggle on the student data? It would be useful to highlight in the grade book those students who have extra time and/or rest breaks. It would also be useful for that toggle to then activate a reminder when adding resources to the group that any modified resources must also be added e.g. "This group contains students with specific learning needs, please remember to add modified resources."
  3. Homework timetable - using the schedule view specify which lessons in your timetable are the ones you are supposed to set homework in (I know not every school has a homework timetable but most seem to, at least here in the UK). Then when you are in planner view the pane that pops up for you to put your lesson notes in has an extra bit at the bottom for homework, plus a little hand in date picker, with the ability to just say "Next lesson".
  4. Added bonus to the homework idea - a little switch on the homework pane - if you flip it a new grade book column is created that says "Homework" with the lesson date automatically inserted and a generic Yes/No setting, which can be changed to a mark out of ten, or a text grade etc. In other words, in the same way as automatically adding an attendance column sets up a specific column for you.
  5. In the realm of automating things, can a column for attendance be automatically created or destroyed for a group by adding or removing lessons in the schedule? Combine that with auto-sorting columns based on date (or at least a toggle for this) and the grade book becomes a lot smoother to use.

Sorry if any of that is stuff that's in there that I haven't yet discovered, I really am enjoying using it and I think version 4 is light years ahead of any other teacher apps I've come across!

Thanks, Ben

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7 years 5 months ago #5577 by bert
Thanks for the insight Ben. I'll see what we can add in our next update, I've added your requests to our list.
Regarding the 'roll forward' option.
As a possible workaround , you could create a duplicate of a class (main screen, tap and hold on a class, copy). You would then have to remove columns and tabs but it may be useful.

Regarding the 'SEN' toggle.
Most users add an icon next to students (tap and hold > student > icon) or paint the full row to keep track of that. It isn't a toggle - or a fancy solution- but it may help!

Homework timetable, points 3 and 4

. Noted. I'll keep you posted on our progress in case you'd like to provide some feedback before the official release.

If you tap and hold now one the planner you will be able to go the 'next lesson'

The automatic attendance columns is something we have in mind. Let's see if this version 4 proves successful in the app store, we get enough good reviews and we can keep working on it!

If you miss anything else, do not hesitate to post.

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