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first of all - a real fantastic app, thank you very, very much!

I´am a new customer, therefore I'm not sure whether its just a wish or I haven't found the real setting, please help/consider implementing it:

1. I need some statistics (Hours (60min or 45min, depends on class (planner --> 1 Unit) hold in class, in combined classes (all bachelor, all master classes, in all classes (per year, per month, per predefined period ("school year"), by institution (holding classes at different institutions...) - is this possible (report, excel, etc.)?

2. Is it possible to show planned classes in normal Ipad/Iphone-Calendar - I mean I would love to see my classes on Iphone, too, not to plan appointments during - quite irregular - classes.

3. Is it possible to make student reports including more than one class? Some students are participating in more than one class, but I would love to see an overall marks/attendance report?

4. Could you please allow more detailed / filtered calls reports with statistics (when? how many lessons a week? Participant rate? with/without comments to special lessons (for example I would love to integrate to do lists/ideas for next time....)

5. Is it possible two assign certain extra (irregular) classes just to some groups of students (of course you can define a special course, but that's not quite the idea... or at least it has to be counted to the overall lessons report...

Thank you very much for your help and keep up developing such a fantastic app!

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Yes, please! #3 in above post...I would LOVE to be able to generate student reports including more than one class for each student. (I.e. Progress reports or report cards!)

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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #5147 by bert
Replied by bert on topic Wishes/Questions
Welcome cwsprof,ccooper1979,

Thanks for your suggestions, find attached below some comments. Do not hesitate to post any other idea that comes to mind.

#1 Planner stats
We will be adding some graphs&statistics in our next major updates.
However, I'm not sure if we will be able to add the planners stats you need in the upcoming update, I've just added it to our list though.

#2 Calendar
This one has been requested quite a few times, it still is in our to-dos.

#3 Reports between classes
Same as above but as a possible workaround:
In the current version you can copy columns and data between classes. iDoceo will match students in both classes and the data will transfer.
You should create an additional tab for reports which holds all the information.
In order to copy several columns: Tap on Tools (top bar) > Columns > SElect > Copy and select the target class

#4 noted!

This one is not possible yet. Each time slot in the schedule/planner must be linked to a whole class. We'll keep it in mind

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