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Hey Bert,

This is just a dream suggestion - not sure if it's possible. I was thinking it would be great if you can tag kids in an annotation so that it copies the annotation/photo to the mentioned student. E.g. if Jane Smith and Jill Jones are working together and you have a photo of this, you write in Jane's cell "worked on counting strategies with @Jill Jones" and then this info also appears in Jill's cell.

The other thing i think would be great is the ability to write a caption of uploaded photos, so that when you are looking at all resources, you can have some information rather than having to refer back to the cell/annotation where you added it and may have the other information like date and a description of the task.


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10 years 2 months ago #4469 by bert
Replied by bert on topic Tagging students
Hi Georgie,
We have something similar in mind, less automatic, but that may work. We'll add the option to copy a cell and its annotations/resources to a group of students. The tagging suggestion is great though, I've added your request, we may get there at some point!

Yes, that's a really important feature. We still have to add renaming options, and once we do, we'll add the caption as well.

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