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I know you've suggested that backups with photos from the camera roll are not included due to size and quality. This is a real shame. I'm trying to setup a joint 'job share' iDoceo class between two teachers. The idea would be that teacher A would work on her iPad from Monday to Wed and fill in all necessary details. This would then be backed up by teacher A to a shared Dropbox account. teacher B, 'restores' her iDoceo from this shared Dropbox account and, obviously, the notes, marks etc all come to the second iPad...but not the photos! Do audio notes backup?

My suggestion is for a switch, to back up the photos/audio notes or not. Bandwidth today is less of an issue and the 'choice' of a photo/audio backup would be amazing for all of those teachers who job share and who want to use this brilliant app. It would allow for the transfer of all sorts of class information and a more fluid workflow between both members of staff. It would certainly be better than the madness of multiple post-it notes!!

Many thanks for any info and thanks for an amazing app.

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Welcome ablacoe,
The idea of a 'job share' is really nice ... obviously we didn't have it in mind when referring to the photos backup. We'll add this 'local storage' option so that all information generated within the app , stays in the app (and in its backups). It makes perfect sense.
It won't be ready in this next update but , I've just added it in our to-dos for the following one.

We're preparing an important release with lots of useful features, one of them being the ability to add any kind of files to cells/students/headers/diary. This feature required an in-app file manager which in turn will make handling locally stored photos easier (this was the main reason to keep photos out of the backup and it will no longer be a problem)

About audio notes, they are already stored locally in the app, so they are kept in the backups too.

Thanks for contacting us
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11 years 7 months ago #2222 by Nkrista
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Great suggestion. We have a lot of classes that are split iin terms of teaching, so this would be a great way sharing visual & audio notes.

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