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  • MGJ
11 years 8 months ago #1861 by MGJ
I have recently purchase your app and am busily finding out all the excellent features that it offers, it does NEARLY everything I could want!
If I explain my ideal solution perhaps you could advise me or consider it a suggested improvement?
Ideally I would like to be able to create my timetable and set dates for the term/half term and also import my classes, but then I want a lesson planner (rather than a regular diary) that cross-references the classes with the timetable. This way I can plan for each class, on a lesson by lesson basis, attaching photos etc and recording the homework set and its due date. If the app would then automatically populate the homework set into the lesson plan for the date it is due, that would be fantastic. Again, if the app would populate the timetable for that week with the lesson plan for that class, for that date, then I can plan by class but teach by day of the week! This would be revolutionary for me and a number of my colleagues.
Many thanks, Matt

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11 years 8 months ago #1864 by bert
Hi Matt,
It has been suggested and we're "kind of" working towards it!

It is complex to link all the elements together having in mind the small differences/requirements for each country so we're evolving the app one step at a time gathering all the possible feedback from our users in each iteration.

Our next big step for iDoceo v2.5 will be to improve the diary and allow different templates to work with it . One of those templates will be in the form of a planner , related to your configured timetables.

The lesson plan/homework population will be there too, its in the roadmap but the list of improvements for our next release is huge and we've got a tight deadline.

Thanks for contacting us Matt, do not hesitate to post your comments and suggestions.
We'll keep informing about v2.5 in the forum as we meet our progress milestones.

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