Students in multiple groups simultaneously?

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Students in multiple groups simultaneously? was created by mrreynoldsjr
I'm trying to figure out a way to see two views of the same student including their grade book data.
Perhaps there is a better way to do this. (I'd like to be able to enter a grade, and have that show up wherever the student is listed).

I have students in a 4th grade class (Mrs. Lawson's class).
I see the students split into different groups (some in Group A, some in Group B).
So when I'm teaching them, I want to view them in the grade book and assign grades as a Group.

However, when it comes time to enter the grades into our county system, I would like to view them by class (not group) to easily transfer the data over (have to type it in manually).

I thought using groups would help in this situation, or syncing info among classes, but the grade entries don't sync automatically, just the personal data. Right now, it seems I would have to copy the data over from the different Group classes to a new class at the end of the quarter.

What is the best way to do this?
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You should give the Summary view a try, double tap on a student's name > Summary and here you will be able to add a selection of columns from the current gradebook and also select which class you'd like to see on the bottom bar.
This bottom bar is populated with the classes this very same student is attending to. It locates students based on their name.