Best place to record iterative score for ungraded assessment?

3 months 2 weeks ago #31431 by Melanie.Is
My school gives semi-frequent tests where the number means something to someone, but it's absolutely not graded and shouldn't ever influence a grade.
It should be quickly visible on a summery, and it's helpful to have it displayed in a column for the class, so I can see who hasn't taken this thing in a while, or ever.

I added a column in the gradebook and it is tagged as ungraded - - cool - it is not influencing the grade. I put the date in the column and it's helpful.

But when I look at a student's summary, something is wonky - it isn't showing this important (to some administrators) data point, and it does seem to be influencing other data.

Am I putting this data point in the best place, or should I put it somewhere else? If it were in a note or an annotation at the student level, I would miss being able to see which students are overdue. 

Screenshots attached.