Add student from one class into another?

3 years 10 months ago #9065 by mscrewe
I am a Specials teacher and when I did my data upload, I accidentally put a student in the wrong class. There is a ton of data in his "card" or profile from the upload. Can I add him into the right class and remove him from the wrong class without inputting all that data by hand? As some kids are moving classes at the beginning of the year, this is happening more than once.

If I were a classroom teacher, I imagine I'd want to build my Science gradebook roster off my Math or ELA gradebook. It seems like I should be able to +student to a gradebook and select from the list of all the students I've uploaded, rather than having to input that student's whole data card by hand or by preparing a second CSV upload. That would especially come in handy for new kids. I could type all his data into my ELA gradebook and then just add him to my Science, Math, etc. gradebooks without having to enter his family contact info, his student ID, his IEP/504 accommodations, etc. for each class.

If this is already possible, please explain the click sequence. If it's not already available, please consider adding this functionality! For one student, I actually clicked "+ Other classes," imported the WHOLE class into which that the student had been incorrectly placed and then deleted the other 28 students just so that I could preserve that student's data card. That seems a bit ridiculous, but because of all the info I included in the CSV file, the card is pretty extensive and this was actually faster than re-inputting all the data. Please help me find a faster way!
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Hello mscrewe,
From the class where your student is > Tools > Students > Select the students you'd like to copy and then Copy > Target class.
This will transfer all their personal details, photo, notes and resources if you wish to.

You should also enable in Options > Gradebook > Link students between classes so that
personal data changes in one class affect all classes where that particular student is attending
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bert, thank you so much! That worked perfectly, but it would have taken me a long time to figure it out on my own! Thanks!