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I am a teaching assistant for the first time this semester. The syllabus I was given breaks down the grades that portfolio is 60 percent and the daily grind is 40%. The mentor they assigned me told me to break the portfolio to 4 parts because they will 4 main assignments. I noticed on the grade book you can create a folder instead of a column. Is there a way to assign the percentage to the folder then each column added will be are part of that percentage.

Also I am not sure what percentage over total addition means any tips and idea would be aperciated

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Hello MAdelaT86,
Yes, the folder will behave like that. It will average automatically all the assignments you put in it.
For the final grade: add column > Calculation > Average and tap here
on the header of those two folders. You will then be able to assign the 60%-40% weight for each.

The percentage over total addition will add all the scores of all assignments involved and will divide it by the total max possible score.
Suppose we have two assessments, one with a max score of 40, another with 30.
The student's scores are 30 an 20.
This calculation will yield (30+20) / (40+30) = 62.5% (or you can show it as a grade, it only depends on the grade type of the calculation column)

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