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I'm currently using iDoceo to record my feedback to pupils, either from my marking or from formative assessment in class. I would really like a way to export the feedback (cell annotations) for the class from one column into one report with all the feedback on it, rather than having an individual page per student. We cut this feedback up so that they can stick it into their books and one page per student seems a real waste of paper. Is it possible to get 8-10 feedback boxes on a page of A4, so that a class's set of feedback is only 3-4 pages long?
Something like this:
Pupil 1 Feedback | Pupil 2 Feedback
Pupil 3 Feedback | Pupil 4 Feedback
Pupil 5 Feedback | Pupil 6 Feedback
Pupil 7 Feedback | Pupil 8 Feedback
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