Quickest way to make template for 16 classes pls?

8 years 9 months ago #5908 by sooze
Hi there - I'm new to idoceo and can see huge potential for its use.
Can someone tell me the quickest way to create a grade book template (including tabs) that I can then use for 16 separate classes?
I've looked at a couple of clips on YouTube and it mentions emailing the template to yourself to then use again later. Is there a quicker way? Can I just create a template and call it 'template', then import each class list into it and rename it as that class name?
I teach 16 separate classes so I'm trying to cut down as much set-up time as possible.
Thanks in anticipation of your help :)
8 years 9 months ago #5909 by bert
Welcome sooze,
If those templates are meant for your own use, there is no need to create its or sent it to yourself.

From the list of classes, tap and hold on the class you've configured > Copy > Columns
This will include all your tabs, columns and their configuration.

You will find here more details
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8 years 9 months ago #5911 by sooze
Thanks Bert - I will try that