Are buttons and values named so that they can be passed as parameters?

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With nine writing courses this semester and hundreds of papers to evaluate, I needed to automate the grading and feedback process just to survive. I've created a process using idoceo, Microsoft Word, Annotate Pro, Keyboard Maestro, and an Elgato Stream Deck Mk2 that significantly speeds up feedback and grading. When I press a key on the Stream Deck, Keyboard Maestro executes a series of Keyboard Maestro macro actions. For example, if I am grading submitted Word files, I can tap a key on the Stream Deck while viewing the grade book in idoceo, and a Keyboard Maestro macro will select the cell under the cursor, click the Resources button at the bottom of the idoceo window to open the list of resources, select the top resource in the list, click the "Open in Word" button at the top of the quick-view window, open Word, and load Annotate Pro, then go back to idoceo and display the rubric and then back to Word and place the cursor in the middle of the page. When done adding feedback to the Word file, I click another Stream Deck button to save the file, close the window, and bring the idoceo rubric window to the front. I tap another button on the Stream Deck to enter a grade, and a macro moves to the selected grade and clicks it, and then closes the rubric window and places the cursor in the middle of the Gradebook window. Seems complex, but it really does save metric tons of time and effort as well as stress (all that cursor movement and clicking).

Most of the Keyboard Maestro actions in the macro involve telling the cursor to move to a specific location in the idoceo window and clicking on that location. But that is problematic for several reasons, such as when the window size is changed, requiring me to adjust all of the cursor movement actions in Keyboard Maestro.

So here are my questions. Are the various buttons, rubric cells, and functions in idoceo named resources? Can those names be passed to a macro as a parameter? For example, can I pass "8" as a parameter to the Keyboard Maestro macro so that Keyboard Maestro tells idoceo to select "8" in the rubric window?

Finally, are there any other ways to automatic grading in idoceo? I've tried using both Shortcuts and AppleScript, but idoceo seems to support neither directly.

Sorry for the long post. Hope it makes sense. And thanks for any help you can provide.
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